“He’s a phenomenon, number one, an extraordinary player.” A positive shower of praise from Alfredo di Stéfano on being asked about Cristiano Ronaldo by MARCA: “He’s a truly spectacular, very complete player, with enormous power. Opponents fear him”. Praise indeed from one of the greatest players in the history of football

Kanye West Calls Kim Kardashian the Most Beautiful Woman of All Time/Reuters Rapper Kanye West has said his fiancé Kim Kardashian is the most beautiful woman of all time. “OK, ladies and gentlemen-all barber shops, fashion designers, architects, corner stores, Wall Street, all over the world-y’all acting like this ain’t the most beautiful woman of all time! I’m talkin’ like arguably of human existence-the top 10 of human existence. I don’t give a f–k what type of jacket she got on,” West

No show in recent memory has showcased such powerful and alluring women, and the performances of Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, and Angela Bassett are pitch-perfect. Near the end of 2013, two seminal television dramas are winding down: The Breaking Bad final

Posted on: 11:54 am, November 25, 2013, by Staff Writer, updated on: 11:55am, November 25, 2013 (KTVI) – A Denver, Colorado news anchor named Kyle Clark went on a rant. He’s upset about pictures taken of the most mundane of outdoor objects. “We live in most beautiful of spots on earth but we point our cameras at the back porch

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