Stars don’t just photobomb each other on the red carpet, a few like to suddenly sneak up on unsuspecting people. Have a look at our gallery of celebrities looking goofy in pics.

No show in recent memory has showcased such powerful and alluring women, and the performances of Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, and Angela Bassett are pitch-perfect. Near the end of 2013, two seminal television dramas are winding down: The Breaking Bad final

Adventure game Her Majesty’s SPIFFING from BillyGoat Entertainment takes the Great British colonial enterprise to the stars, including her aptitude for daft tradition and quirkiness. Britain a ‘rich mine’ for comedy. On the style of noodle scratching puzzles Her Majesty’s SPIFFING will occupy a space between The Walking Dead and Deponia, where things “make logical sense” for absurd reasons.

2. Lucas Hembree and his service dog, Juno, share a moment. View this image › When former law enforcement officer Chester Hembree was told that his son Lucas, who suffers from Sanfilippo syndrome, was a poor candidate for a service animal, Chester saved a Belgian Malinois pup from a Tennessee shelter and trained him to be a service dog by himself