The following links and videos show the ways in which Mimas has engaged with AR in the past few years across various subject areas to develop both location and object based experiences. Juniper Research has estimated that over 200 million users will interact with AR apps by 2018, in contrast to 60 million in 2013.

No show in recent memory has showcased such powerful and alluring women, and the performances of Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, and Angela Bassett are pitch-perfect. Near the end of 2013, two seminal television dramas are winding down: The Breaking Bad final

Adventure game Her Majesty’s SPIFFING from BillyGoat Entertainment takes the Great British colonial enterprise to the stars, including her aptitude for daft tradition and quirkiness. Britain a ‘rich mine’ for comedy. On the style of noodle scratching puzzles Her Majesty’s SPIFFING will occupy a space between The Walking Dead and Deponia, where things “make logical sense” for absurd reasons.

The Digital Media Curator The year in funny online ads Tweet [embedded content] [embedded content] By Tessa Wegert , today at 8:50 am Everyone likes a funny ad. These are the commercials we talk about at the proverbial water cooler.