Russell Brand: Reptilian Controlled Opposition Agent

Posted on 01 March 2015. Tags: , , ,

After taking a break from the site for quite some time due to personal difficulties (I will explain more in a future post), the time has come to start sharing info once again.

It is now 2015 and the scale of manipulation on the planet continues to derail and distract many awakening people. My latest video showcases the evidence that Russell Brand is a Reptilian controlled opposition agent. I will be covering a number of the key figures in the “truth movement” over the coming weeks and months and explaining how they are not who they appear to be (wink wink Alex Jones and co).

I decided to start the theme off with Russell Brand because he has gained a huge amount of popularity within the “truth movement” over the past 12 months due to his apparent activism, spiritual discussions and his YouTube show “The Trews”.

Russell Brand: Controlled Opposition Agent

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