Help Needed – Website May Shut Down

Help Needed – Website May Shut Down

Posted on 20 February 2016.

Help Needed – Website May Shut Down

Hi everyone, unfortunately as much as I have wanted to continue posting new information to the website, personal difficulties have stalled things in a major major way.

Regretfully the website may now have to close for good due to financial reasons.

This is a plea to anyone who has benefited from the website and feels others can also benefit.

In order to keep the website active for another 12 months a donation amount of $95 is needed by 28th February 2016.

I thank all those who can help with this cause in advance. I appreciate you greatly.

As soon as the $95 amount has been raised I will close the donation tab.

Again, thank you in advance to all those who can help. The last thing I want to do is have to take down the site and stop this information getting into the hands of many more people.

You can donate – Here

Help Needed – Website May Shut Down

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